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Message from the president

Message from the president

Being a Restaurant Company that conveys the warmth of human interaction

I started to help my parents operate their restaurant at a shopping arcade in Tenma, Osaka. During my childhood, I watched them hard at work from early in the morning until late at night. The restaurant was like my second school that taught me first-hand both the arduousness and excitement of running a business. I have learned that the true beauty of food cannot be showcased by a single chef alone. To create a total balance of different elements including the environment, ambience and service is of prime importance.

Meals should be served in the way that they will be best appreciated. Serve warm foods warm, and cold foods cold. Always express gratitude, even if with only a few words of endearment and a smile. Being able to see the satisfaction and joy our customers experience from these small but powerful acts is what makes it all so worth it. Comprehending the feelings and thoughts of our customers is something we treasure dearly as well. We strive to keep our dishes warm and welcoming just like the dishes made by your mother, and to maintain our stores as places full of comfort and warmth. Thank you for your continued support.

Representative Director and President
Masahiro Fujio


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